Feel Loved &  Confidently Sexy 

Whether you're starting out or experienced, Rated X Lingerie offers playful and provocative boxes to satisfy all levels of comfort. Our community will support you every time you graduate to the next level with PG-13 rated boxes all the way up to Rated X boxes. Because we are so committed to our community, you don't need to buy anything to be a part of it. Free access to our kinky minds!


Explore Your Sensual Side

RXL specializes in luxurious handcrafted lingerie boxes curated with

your desires in mind to help you create your ideal sexy mood.

Each box includes a surprise toy, so make sure to choose wisely!

With each graduating level, the mood gets even sexier!


So, exploring your sensual side isn't a matter of "Should I?"

It's a matter of "What should I try first"?



We've crafted 3 unique boxes to meet anyone's comfort level and a
Special BRIDAL BOX too!