Our Boxes Only Work With Love

Rated X Lingerie provides you with thoughtfully put together playful and provocative boxes no matter what your starting comfort level is. With PG-13 rated boxes all the way up to RX our community will be supporting you each time to graduate to the next level. We are so committed to our community that you don't even need to make a purchase to be a part of our community, you get to see what's in our kinky minds for free!


Rated X Lingerie, was founded by Alexis Williams. When founding Rated X, she was most excited for her customer to get a glimpse inside her wild and creative side. Alexis always says - sex is fun, but it's better with love involved and when trust is there.


She hopes that not only will the boxes allow her customers to connect on a deep level but to also allow others to share openly and honestly about sex anonymously.

Alexis has taken out all of the guesswork and worry for you! She curates each box to have it all figured out right there for you when you get it in order to have everything you need for a sensually satisfying night.