Our Story

The story behind Rated X Lingerie is about self-love and empowering women. When Alexis Williams founded Rated X, she was most excited for women to get a glimpse into her wild and creative side. The best kind of sex is when love and trust are involved. Alexis always says sex is fun, but it's best when it's based on love.

Women deserve to feel loved and cared for.


Not only is lingerie sexy from a physical perspective, but it is also emotionally satisfying.

Why we do what we do and how we do it is and will always be guided

by love. We know that love can heal and conquer all, and RXL's commitment to spreading love through our community makes it well worth it.

That is why we have crafted 3 unique boxes to meet everyone's comfort level and our special BRIDAL BOX too!

These boxes are not only meant to connect women intimately, but also to create a safe space for others to talk about sex freely and honestly without fear of judgement.​

All of the guesswork and worries have been taken care of for you by

Rated X Lingerie! Each box has been carefully crafted to have it all figured out so you get everything you need for a sensually satisfying night

when you get it.

It is RXL's mission to empower women by enhancing their confidence. We make women feel both sexy and confident. And to elevate the level of intimacy and make the experience more exciting and memorable to create a long lasting relationship.

Whenever a woman wears Rated X Lingerie,

you know SHE is in CHARGE!

Now that you landed the Rated X Lingerie, search no more!

Let the adventure begin!

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