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Guiding his love inside of me, little sparks went off behind my closed eyes. I opened my eyes and grimaced with pleasure at the wall in front of me. His dick was longer and thicker than average. With each leg straddled across each of his legs; my high heels were perfect for this position. I could feel his dick pulsating inside of me. My nipples hard with excitement, and pussy dripping from desire. Our lips met. His tonge gently slipped into mouth and my tongue accepted the invitation. Twirling our tonges in and out and around of each others mouth i begin to rock my wet pussy on his big dick.

First slowly. Up and down motions i went. The first orgasm rolled up through my body, warm and all-consuming, I shuddered and whimpered. He begin to thrust with me. Up and down we both went. As I moved faster, sparks of sensation coursed through my veins. Drawing out another orgasm. This one much longer than the first as he hit the perfect spot within me. I almost cried out, the pleasure becoming too much.

He stood from the chair my legs now stretched in both of his hands. He fucked my pussy so good. My hands interlocked around his neck, cheek to cheek, he whispers "youre such a good girl." Guiding my

waist on and off his now thick and rock hard dick. "Can you come for me again baby," he asked. His voice sent shockwaves through my body. "Yes", i screamed out. "Oh god yes", i said. No longer being able to hold on to modesty. "Fuck me", i cried out. Harder and faster he went. He nailed my pussy with his hammer dick. My body jerked with pleasure, my toes curled, my teeth sunk into him like a vampire. I was coming, and relieved he was finally coming too.

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