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Devil Dick

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I had just moved to a new city 5 months ago….my ex ghosted me two weeks prior to me moving and my in case of emergency (ICE) dick was working my last nerves with all sorts of demands for time and attention.

In this new endeavor, I just didn’t want to have meaningless sex anymore, all I needed was a companion to travel with, with great conversation and AMAZING sex that I didn’t have to talk to and see every day…. why is this so hard to find!?

Well, this one summer evening I decided to try online dating, as I was swiping left, I came upon this man. His profile picture was his torso and up, very handsome face, gorgeous brown skin like a well-cooked butterball turkey, bald head and a salt & pepper beard that complemented a set of full sexy lips.

He was 50 years old, 6’2, and tatted up, but I could tell by his broad shoulders and muscular chest that he took care of himself well.

I sent him a message…” Good evening Will, I’m Moni” and from there we texted a few days, then exchanged numbers where he began to face time me whenever he could because he worked nights and I could see that skin and a smile that instantly made my panties moist. A few weeks into us talking, he invited me over to his place for a drink…I was reluctant to at first because it was late and I could hear my mama in my ear saying “Ain’t nothing open, but legs at this time of the night….”, but he ensured me that he would behave himself, but I took my gun with me just in case.

We sat out in his back yard listening to music, sipping and chatting. He grabbed me by my hand and pulled me in close to dance to a slow song…. He smelled so good!

He must’ve played the extended version of the song because it felt like this dance would never end and it was taking everything in me to keep Twyla (my vagina’s name) from jumping out of little crepe shorts jumper and act a damn fool! Especially when he put his big strong hands on the small of my back, pulling me closer….so close that I could feel his rock-hard dick pressing against me and when I grinded back on him I could feel that it went down past the middle of his thigh.

Once Twyla figured out there was working with a monster, she was trying her hardest to break free, but my mind reminded me that I didn’t want meaningless sex, so I broke free from his hold and called it a night. The next day all I could think about was the way his hands felt and wondered how they would feel around my neck while he slowly stroked Twyla….then I thought…he probably don’t know what to do with all that he working with, which is most of the time the case with men that are blessed, shook off those thought and continued on with my day.

He had waited until I got off to call me, said he didn’t want to disturb my day…. only if he knew he had already disturbed and occupied my mind the entire day. He told me that he had the day off and wanted to spend some time with me, I asked him what he wanted to do. He said very low and seductively…” I wanna fuck the shit outta you.” Twyla couldn’t be controlled at that point and had taken over, and before I knew it, I had told him that I would be there in 30 minutes! I slipped on my favorite sundress, no panties…no bra and a light spray of my favorite scent brown sugar and fig. My plan was to bust and go…because this was just another meaningless sexcapade.

I knocked on his door and when he opened it the lights were dim, he had candles lit and smooth jazz playing. He grabbed my hand and led me into his bedroom and handed me a glass of wine, he told me to make myself comfortable while he rolled a blunt. I sat at the foot of the bed and watched how he caressed and licked the blunt oh so slowly…. I could see him cut his eyes, my way and smile.

He knew what he was doing, and for a moment I wished I was that blunt! He lit it, took a pull, and exhaled the smoke like a dragon, that shit was sexy! He pulled it again and asked if it was a problem that he smoked, I replied “Absolutely not, as a matter of fact pass it.” He took another hit while I downed the last of my wine, and then passed it to me. He was standing over me watching me smoke and said I thought I told you to get comfortable and started to slide the straps of my dress down my arms and exposing my chocolate C cups (and although I’m in my 40’s they’re still holding a little perky), he cupped them with his big strong hands, played with my nipples with his thumbs and stood back and just stared.

I passed the blunt back to him, and he replied “NICE,” and I giggled…. He then said I’ll be right back and returns a minute later with his rolling desk chair. Will hands me the blunt again and pushes me back on the bed…I giggle again and take a pull of the blunt while he traces his fingers over my breast pulling my dress further down. He gets the dress down to my waist and hips and I rise a bit so he can remove it…. I take another pull of the blunt. He giggles when he sees that I wasn’t wearing any panties but continues his journey of my body. Will pulls the desk chair to the end of the bed and sits down as if he’s about to have dinner…. I take a pull of the blunt again, with my eyes closed because I’m super faded and so relaxed.

I feel like my body is floating.

He grabs one leg and puts it on his shoulder, then the other leg on his shoulder and tells me to keep smoking and while I take a pull, I can feel his thick, soft lips kissing Twyla and then the warmth of his mouth engulfs her. Shit, I felt like Whitney and them bitches from Waiting to Exhale…slowly exhaling the smoke that was in my lungs. He tells me to hit is again, and his tongue is doing thing that I’ve never felt before and I felt like I was melting into the bed. He takes the blunt from me, probably because I was about to set us both on fire…. takes a hit and puts it out. He sits back in the chair and continues to dine.

This man was a total professional pussy eater! I don’t remember how many times I came and squirted, and he slurped up every drop.

My body felt like electricity was flowing through me and I lay there paralyzed and breathing heavy! He pushes the chair out of the room and begins to undress slowly as I began to get the feelings back in my legs and watch him disrobe.

He was gorgeous…the tattoos of his children’s names and the sleeve of roses cascading down his arm was a masterpiece against his skin, but when he revealed the most beautiful largest dick, I’ve ever seen I gasped. Will stood towering over me, looking at my pussy, licking his lip telling me that I taste sweet. I rose and grabbed his dick in my hand, preparing to return the favor. He stops me and says, “This is about you tonight babe, just relax.”, scooted me up onto the bed, crawled on top of me and just hovered his dick right at my pussy’s entrance. The head of his dick lightly grazed Twyla and I thought I was about to lose my mind.

He kissed me and began to slowly slide himself into me…it felt like my pussy was filled to capacity, but he was still loading dick! His mouth was at my ear, kissing and whispering “This pussy tight babe, can I stretch it a bit?” I responded, “Please do.”. He began to use his dick to find all the right spots…I mean…I’ve had great sex before. But this was some real grown man to know what the fuck he is doing kinda fucking and it was AMAZING!

The electrical feeling in my body had turned into a full fledge fire and he was putting that muhfucka out too!

He rolled us over to where I was on top and the song by Jazmine Sullivan Sit on It was playing on repeat in my mind! Suddenly, a bitch had Megan knees and I bounced on that devil dick until juices flowed everywhere! He was so intrigued that he asked for me to do it again, so I turned around facing his feet and repeatedly bounced and grind on him until I heard him say he was about to come.

He grabbed my waist, trying to control my movement, which made me throw it back even harder until I heard this low growl come from his throat like a lion, he sprung up into a 90-degree sitting position and bit down on the area between my neck and shoulder and we came together like a geyser!

We fell back onto the pillows laughing. He said “Babe, you’re shaking…. are you ok? Is it too cold in here?” The only thing I could get out was I’m ok. You see…my body was having after shocks from that 9.9 on the Richter scale devil dick he just gave me…I could not move! I didn’t want to move…and I didn’t. As I was falling asleep, Will kissed me on the back of my neck and whispered, “That pussy SOLD!” and I am not going to lie, that contract was ALMOST signed…. UNTIL…

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