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I'd look good on you!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Reluctantly I accepted an invitation to a co workers birthday party. I was new to the city and worked really hard at establishing the life I want so I decided to reward myself. As I close my car door; I hear "Id look good on you." I chuckle to myself and slowly look around for sultry voice that sang those 5 words. I gasped and muttered to myself. Yes you would. "Hi, and your name is?

"Darius." He said as he licked his lips. "Darius." I whispered as I watched him lick his perfectly plump lips. He was obviously there for the party but neither of our feet moved. "Just out of curiosity," he asked, "what are you thinking right now"? A smirk crossed my face instantly. Without saying anything, he firmly grabbed my hand. We entered the party, made our greetings as if we were dating then quietly slipped away. A quiet bathroom in the midst of a celebration really made my pussy purr if you know what I mean. Playfully pushing him into the restroom and locking the door behind us Pandora's Box was about to open.

The bathroom was breathtaking! I'm talking Jack and Jill sinks, free standing shower, jacuzzi tube, toilet off by itself and white tile floors. We must've stumbled across the master bathroom. It didn't matter because in a matter of seconds he his tongue was down my throat. His huge hands groped my ass while pulling me near. My perky breast pressed against his nice and firm, 6ft 6in frame. I shoved him against the sink. Aggressively tugging at his belt. I couldn't get it unbuckled. Probably because his hand had slipped under my leather black pencil skirt into my now dripping vagina. Slow and steady breaths exited my lungs. I wanted him and bad too. I was a little embarrassed how my kitty purred. In and out his fingers went. Biting my bottom lip I threw my head back and my long blonde locks followed. "Please stop", I whispered. "Make me," he said calmly. I smirked. "What?" he asked. His fingers froze. Gently shifting his fingers out my vagina, I dropped to my knees. Without saying a word he opened that slit in his boxers. Just as I thought his dick was long and thick. With my left hand gently cuffing his soft round balls, my right hand traced a vein that stretched from the head down the shaft. My pussy jumped with delight. I opened my mouth and devoured his dick. It tasted so good. Up and down I went. My hand followed my lips. Twirling my tongue around the head, I heard him let out a soft moan. My hazel eyes slowly searched up his toned body to meet his soft brown eyes. He let out a sigh as I slurped his anatomy. His body begin to tremble, his back now hunched in with a hand full of my golden locs in his grip. He was about to cum and I was going to catch every drop. "Don't stop sucking my dick", he said. I didn't plan on it. for the next 30 seconds I inhaled his entire being. From the top to the bottom, up and down tugging, twirling my tongue in and around his head."I'm cumin," he whispered. Gently slipping my finger into his ass hole while sucking his dick, he quivered. Sweet is how his cum tasted. I should spit this out I thought. Naw fuck that, you're never going to see him again. Swallow that nectar sis. I arose from my knees fixed myself in the opposite mirror, gargled warm water, then prepared to exit bathroom. I turned around to find Darius staring in amazement. You were right I said, "you do look good on me."

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