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Last Night.

It was the first night my body craved him.

. . . My body wanted him.

. . . My body needed him.

Darkness all around me and yet still I could see him. His eyes piercing into my soul from between my legs where he feasts. As if to say, "I know it's good to you baby, now relax". Nipples began to erect and now my lower region is reacting to these thoughts. "God, I want him", I thought, as I rolled over to my left side in my bed. To feel his cold hands, melt into my hot chocolate skin and remembering how his tongue danced with my clit. I started to salivate at the sweet, delicious memories. I closed my eyes and swallowed softly.

A memory wave paralyzed my body.

When he enters me slowly, intently, deep just the way I like, and my back arches and my toes curl, and my hands search for anything to grasp on to... little, tiny breaths infused with little, tiny moans escape my shy lungs from the slow, deep and intent strokes. It doesn't take him long to find my spot. The stokes now faster, stronger. My moans grow louder and oh my gawd I'm about to cum. But he doesn't stop until I cum and keep cuming.

Snap out of it!

"Breathe" girl, "Breathe".

Damn. "Was I holding my breath?" I thought. I want to feel his lips on mine. I need to feel him inside me, wanting, teasing and pleasing me. Last night was more than a powerful desire. Last night, my body needed him. Last night was the first night my body craved him.

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