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Lets make a love scene

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

In a blue lit room my naked body laid helplessly on my queen bed. Soft moans was all I could manage to get out, while 1997 Joe Thomas' album played in the background. Missionary was how we started, after he massaged my body with oil. Long and deep strokes rocked my body with pleasure. My nails digging into his skin, pulling more of him into me. He steadied his right hand on the head board, while using the left to assist my body on his shaft. Back and forth the thrust went, my pussy gushing with pleasure. "I'm cumming," I whispered. He kept stroking.

My body now left trembling from delight, I can feel us changing positions. Rolling my now limp body on to my stomach, his hands; strong and rough gripped my round and full ass, and his dick went back in my pussy. I bit my lips, and managed to look back at him. A smile crossed his face, and his thumb dug in my ass. MMMmm was all I could say while turning my head back to face our leather headboard. He was working that dick, and the thumb was definitely new. He smacked my ass with pleasure as I contracted my vaginal muscles. "Shit girl," I heard him say.

"You like that?" I asked. My voice trembling from the strokes. "Yeah," he said, and then he slapped my ass again. The sting sent chill bumps thru my skin like a California wild fire. I was going to cum again. "Ohhh Shit." I moaned out. We were now fucking doggy style. "Just relax" I heard him say. I let out a sigh and felt him enter inside me and not my pussy. He was fucking me in my ass and it felt soo good. His right hand underneath me teased my left nipple, his left hand steadied us both. My body now quaking with pleasure. "Baby!" I shrieked, "I'm cuming!" I could no longer hold it. He moved his right hand from my nipple to my clit and began to massage. His left now guiding my waist on and off his thick and long dick more rigorously. He was cuming too. We collapsed from excitement. There was liquid everywhere. After a moment of silence I heard him ask, "you thirsty?

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