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Make her climax again and again...

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Sex doesn't have to be routine. It can be routinely great with the right guidance. The key to leaving your lady craving you is to make each time fun, enjoyable and memorable. If you're looking for more ways to spice things up in the bedroom there may be some untapped spots that you have been missing. But don't worry, we got you covered!

The next time you go down on your woman, be sure to take your time. Slowly kiss her forehead, her lips, her chin, her tummy, and nibble on the inside of her thigh. Focus on her clitoras. You want to suck on it like a pacifier. For added pleasure, insert one finger into her vagina and watch how her body will respond to you. Add another if you are daring enough. Simultaneously suck her clit and move those two fingers in and out her vagina and watch how she will succumb to your every demand. Biting her booty, kissing her booty or if you're really feeling spicy eating her booty are other forms of foreplay that can really send your partner into orgasmic bliss.

Try licking and sucking her nipples the next time she is riding cowgirl style. Lick her nipple with all of your tongue. Deliberately. So she can feel the warmth and the wetness sensation on her areolas. Do this a few times. Then start sucking like a new a new born baby. You'll feel her pussy gushing from all the pleasure you are giving her. Adding a finger into your partner bum hole while she is riding cowgirl is a nice surprise that she will love. This will intensify her orgasm. Thank me later. (wink-wink)

The very next time you are in the missionary position, be sure to kiss her deeply on her lips and around her mouth. Admire her body. Talk dirty to her. Tell her how pretty she is taking your dick. Tell her that you love her and you only want her to cum for you. Then listen to her body talk back. Watch how she pulls your love deeper inside her. To really excite her try sucking one or two of her toes, while giving her all of your love. A little aggression works well in this position too. Place your hand firmly around her neck, while you continue to stroke.

Your goal is to make her climax again and again, leaving her wanting more of you.

Last but most certainly not least is doggy style. This position; when done correctly can lead to mind blowing, chills up and down your spine, loud and sweet orgasms. Apply a little aggression and assert your dominance by grabbing a handful of her luscious tresses. Guide your love into her slowly. Give her some time to adjust to your thickness and girth. Rock gently back and forth, wait for her to catch your rhythm. Reach your hands between her legs and play with her clitoras. Nibble on her ear and talk dirty to her while you're drilling her from the back. Spread her cheeks so you can reach her "G" spot or press your thumb gently on her butt hole. Either one is sure to be a great treat for her.

Foreplay is not just a sexual term. It is also used to describe the process of making something more attractive.

Make your sex life more attractive by using these subtle tips to make your woman go crazy for you! You won't regret it and she won't forget it.

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