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It was a dark, windy, and rather starry night. The perfect winter evening I thought to myself as I stood and stretched, followed by a long lazy yawn. "Lets go to bed Twix." I stated. Folded my quilt and placed it on the back of my red couch and headed for my room. Twix my lazy feline following closely behind. Once in my room I remove my satin robe, cut the light out and walk a few feet to my bed and collapse. It didn't take much for me to drift off to sleep, probably because of the Pinot. Two glasses does the trick every time.

Moments after I felt a cold object press against forehead. Then the object slowly moved from my forehead down the right side of my face where it rested on my neck. I gasped, "Babe, its me". said a familiar voice. "Steve?" I whispered. He quickly snatched back his mask so that part of his face was visible. "Yes babe," he assured. And immediately snapped back into character. I was so shocked and so turned on all I could do was lay back and await further instruction. We kissed passionatly. He shoved me backwards into my pillow and took out a pair of hand cuffs, cuffed me to my canopy bed, then traced his knife from my neck down the center of my chest. The knife was dull enough not to leave a scratch on my porcelain skin but sharp enough to open my bra. My boobs came tumbling out. I arched my back and he took the bait. His mouth now wrapped around my perfect pink nipples, and his left hand cuffing my warm vagina. Quiet moans begin to escape my body. "Shhh," he whispered.

Just then he took his knife cut the left side of my panties, one leg was free then the other. He removed his shirt and laid on his stomach feet in the air. I knew exactly what that meant. "Babe", I moaned. That must've made him upset. He quickly hopped up and demanded that I shut up. "I'm not going to tell you again, Toni." he said. Next he pulled out gag ball and said "I'm not telling you again." He roughly put the gag ball around my head and gently slapped my right cheek twice.

Now where were we, oh yes," he said happily. With two finger spreading my pussy lips his tongue dance on and around my clit. I felt my body shake and tremble. I was trying to run. He placed his right hand on my panting tummy and continued to devour my soul. By the time he was done, I could hardly breathe. The mouth part of his mask now soaked from my juices. My body lay there helpless. He stood on his knees and un buckled his pants. My eyes blinking with every step he takes towards me. He removes the gag ball and replaces it with his dick. "Mmmm," I moan. trying to sit up so I can do what I love to do but I'm restricted. He moves his body closer grabbing the back of my head and pulling all of my brunette hair into a ponytail and throwing my head on his dick. His moans grew louder and louder till he ripped his dick out of my mouth and replaced it with spit. I swallowed it. Still on his knees he crawled back to my legs and shoved his dick into my dripping wet pulsating pussy. He roughly fucked my pussy for the next 10 mins until we both climaxed. Not long after was he undressed and under my blankets. Babe? "How did you get in here?" I asked.

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