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Thanks For Giving

"Rock", "Paper", "Scissor", "shoot"! We both exclaimed. Damn we both picked "paper". "Rock" "paper," "scissor," "shoot." This time she picked rock and I kept paper. "Rock," "paper," "scissor" "shoot"! She chose "paper" and I chose "scissors".

Giggling like a young school girl she hated to lose, but loved that I won. "Babe," she whined, as she sashayed over to me. "I don't want to go to your family's house for the Thanksgiving." I chuckled. Neither did I, but it was sure better than going to her family's house, "I won fair and square," I said and slapped that round ass of hers. Now Leaning her body against mine, she pretends to faint. "My baby is so dramatic", I thought to myself.

I picked her limp body up and begin walking to our bedroom. I could see her trying not to smile as we enter the room. Placing her on the bed I begin to rub her breast. "Baby", she moaned. "Shhhh" I said as I begin to kiss her soft lips. A strand of her jet black hair interrupted our second kiss. I took a moment to gently move it behind her ear. Her eyes were closed awaiting my next move. I planted a line of kisses that started from lips down her neck and torso. I could hear gentle and steady breaths escaping her lungs. I got down on my knees and gently tugged at her leggings. She took the bait and lifted her body up slightly, Sliding her left leg out first then the right.

Just then I placed my right hand on the hood of her pussy and my left hand grabbing her outer thigh and I kissed her pussy lips. Her body shifted with delight. For the next 4 minutes I tonged kissed her pussy and sucked her clit like it was the last drops of water on earth. I can hear her moans growing louder and feel her nails digging into my skin. I added two fingers into her wet vagina. She arched her back and let out a moan. I kept sucking her clit and moving my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. I looked up at her to find her eyes locked on mine while I continued to devour her soul. I could feel her muscles contracting. She was going to cum. "Stop baby" she whispered. I shook my head on her clit and managed to get out a "uhnt uhn". she laid herself back and came in and around my mouth. She moaned, and I kept eating, She pushed and tugged at my head but I kept eating. I wasn't stopping till she sung my name the way I liked it. She was going to do it. She always did it. I zeroed in on her clit. Wrapping my mouth around her vagina and flicking her clit with my tongue. I fucked her pussy the way she liked her dick delivered with my two fingers. She latched on to my arms and arched her back. ""There it is." I thought. "Ooooohhh, Xzavier I'm coming!" she exclaimed. "MmmHmmm" I said. Easing up little by little I could hear her begin to purr. I got off my knees and went to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel, wiped her off and then wiped my face. " Will you be ready to go in a couple of hours?" I asked as I kissed her forehead. "Yeah baby," she whispered, "just give me a few.

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