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The Black Jack Review

After months of apprehension, I finally placed my order with RXL for the Rated X box. My husband made reservations at our favorite casino resort and I wanted to surprise him with a saucy weekend. Once we arrived at the resort, I showed him the box and we opened it together. The first thing we opened was the black Glam Robe, then black peekaboo onesie, next we pulled out black faux fur cuffs, the edible lotion pole polish, and the vibrating panties. He blushed at the thought of me sitting at the slot machine, and him at the black jack table being able to arouse me from up to 50ft away. Lastly we pulled out the strappy lingerie. "Is this for later"? he asked. "Much later", I replied, as I sashayed my way over to him. Pole polish in hand. "I read it taste like vanilla" I said while playfully waiving the edible lotion in his face, "I wanna see". I unbuckled his pants and shifted them just under his buttocks so they would fall to his ankles. Now sitting at the edge of our King suite hotel bed, I opened the tube and pushed just enough on the tip of index fingers and massaged that into his shaft. It does taste like vanilla I said after the initial suck. I made sure to suck it all off and suck him dry too. The pole polish made me feel like a porn star the way I polished him off. The way he looked at me and even his moans were so different. Needless to say he made a killing at the black jack table and the vibrating panties are a wonderful toy. The remote control ring is in the perfect form of discretion. After a devilishly good time at the casino we made our way back to our suite, where the strappy lingerie lay there waiting. I came out of the restroom

and his mouth dropped. "You like?", I asked as I modeled for him. What happened next was nothing short of amazing. I don't think we've had a weekend this arousing and stimulating since our honey moon.

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