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The long kiss goodnight

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

We sat across from each other gazing into one another eyes. I hoped he was thinking the same thing I was. My legs crossed I ran my red bottom shoes up his calf. Just a gentle hint to let him know that I was ready to go and do so much to him. It had to be the blackberry mojitos that had me feeling so horny. Or maybe it was the oysters. Either way tonight will be magical.

After sharing a few laughs and seemingly having everyone's attention in the restaurant. Our chemistry was magnetic. "You wanna get outta here?" I heard him say. I slowly looked up to see his hand out stretched. I quickly took it. We waltz our way to the door where our coats were. I could see our cars parked side by side. With my coat now on, we began to take a short walk to the cars. He opens my door and I get in. "Good Night" he says while bending down for a kiss. The kiss was insane and my pussy was so wet. I know he felt it, because his hand had slipped under my dress into my panties. He asked if I wanted to spend the night. Luckily I brought my over night bag." Ill follow you home". I said.

A true ladies man I thought to myself as I looked around. There was music softly playing and night lights that created sexy silhouettes. A fish tank that was half full. It sounded like a quiet stream with only 4 fish in it. His bedding was velvet black and his curtains matched. "Can I take your jacket?" I heard him ask. I shifted my way out of my jacket and turned around to meet his lips. My arms wrapped around his shoulders while his hands made their way up my dress around my back to unhook my bra. Just before sitting a glass of wine down on his table. He walked me backwards to his bed our lips still locked. Where I laid out. He was telling me to come for him while he devoured my soul. Sucking on my clit like a babys pacifier and fingering me with his index and middle finger. My pussy began gushing with pleasure I begged him to stop. "My turn", I whispered. Without saying a word I got on my knees and swallowed every inch of him. Jacking him off while slurping him up. Now that his dick was rock hard and I'm sure he was ready to come but first things first I had to put this wet pussy on his dick. I needed to know what it was like. I needed him to know what it was like. I got off my knees and laid him back. I slowly guided him into my essence. He grabbed my ass as I contracted my pussy. Mmm he said. He smacked my ass. I bounced on his dick a little faster. I leaned forward to steady myself and slowed up my rhythm. I was going to come, and he knew it. With a hand full of my ass he guided me on and off his dick more rigorously. My moans grew louder and louder until I came all over his dick. A few moments later he finished too.

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