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The Surrender.

I slid the lace teddy up my right thigh first, then my left. I shimmied it over my butt and gently placed the straps in the right place on my shoulders. This teddy was cupless so my breast were free. It was crotchless so my pussy sat up perfectly. I could hear his foot steps growing louder as he approached the bathroom. I gazed in the mirror at my reflection. I took in a deep breath and exhaled. Just then, a knock at the door. He entered the bathroom. "Wow", he gasped. Still staring in the mirror, but now at him, "do you like it?" I asked. He moved closer. I swallowed.

Embracing me tight from behind I could feel his erection. I laid my head back on his chest so my neck and collar bone showed. With one hand slowly riding up my torso over my breast, he moved my hair aside with one hand. Firmly gripping my neck with his hand, he bit it aggressively. Then quickly covering up the sting with his tongue. I was wet. I moaned and he didn't stop.

Fuck me like a dog, I whisper aloud to him. I gripped the faucet, sink in preparation. He enters me from behind. My back arches with delight and I throw my long black hair over my left shoulder. I want to see him, I want to watch him enjoy me. He breathes hot air down my back which is starting to sweat and slip onto his stomach. The mirror begins to fog. He swipes a spot for clearer vision. I put my hand in the sink to help push me back into him, get his dick to fill up my body until there’s nothing left of me inside: just dick.”. The thrust grew stronger and my moans louder and I could feel my body start to jerk shake and tremble. I tried to resist. I tried to hold out... "Be a good girl and cum for me", he said. And I did.

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