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Hottest Sex You've Ever Had?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The only way to make sure your partner gets what they want is for you to be open and honest about what you want.

Here are some short stories written by other people, about their hottest sex encounters.

1. This one girl I was with wanted to be blindfolded and tied to my bed. She told me to do anything I wanted. I kissed around on her body for a while, teasing her nipples and her thighs, before rubbing her clit with my fingers until she came as I kissed her and licked her nipples. Then I went down on her and ate her pussy and fingered her until she came again.

I finally took my clothes off and just started fucking her nice and slow. She really liked it slow. She came after a little bit and I untied her so I could put her in different positions. Doggy, cowgirl. She came at least twice more before she asked me to lay down, and she began going down on me while she was still blindfolded.

The best part was when she showed me she could deepthroat, without gagging. She would go up and down, taking it all the way down as slowly as possible. She didn't even gag when I came halfway down her throat. When she pulled my cock out of her mouth, she showed the load to me and then swallowed it, smiling as she took off the blindfold. [via]

2. I'd say the hottest sex I've ever had wasn't even sex. It was just oral. Found this guy at a bar and the sexual tension was insane. I ended up inviting him over to my house (with parents home) late at night for a few hours each time about 4 times. Amazing oral sex. He refused to stop even after I came, which was amazing, and he was extremely expressive when I went down on him too. He could have orgasm after orgasm. One night we went to his place and he wrapped his belt around my neck too and just kind of dry humped me for a while, but holy fuck was it amazing. I'm sure actual sex with him would've been out of this world 😩 [via]

3. My ex and I were staying in a hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright -- it was night time and the shades for the windows (which surrounded the room) were open and the bed was facing them and we fucked for over an hour in what was basically a fish bowl-- anyone could have seen us from one of the taller buildings.

My friend made me cum for the duration of the entire Fever Ray song If I Had a Heart-- and that was pretty goddamn epic. [via]

4. Husband I go on a sexcation once a year. 4 days. Massages. Lots of moonshine and sex in an isolated cabin. We were in the outside hot tub naked and sipping moonshine. He's usually very quite and self controlled. I approached him and he was able to lose control for a bit. We love to have sex out in the open so this added to it. Plus being able to be loud (we have 3 kids it's usually a top secret mission when we have sex) and he had just had a vasectomy so no more condoms. We still talk about this sex session. [via]

5. Fucked my girlfriend so well she was laugh-crying from the overwhelming emotions and cumming at the same time! [via]

We'd lvoe to hear and read all about your Sexcapade Experience!

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